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Vera Wang Pre-Fall 2015 










Furry | Fun | Flirty

From these images it is clear that Vera Wang‘s pre-fall collection is a lot more provocative than a lot of us expected. She’s used heavy layers and flirty little numbers. Sexy, surprising, and very NYC style – I like it! Edgy is never a bad thing. Did you notice that almost everything in Wang’s collection is black? This really gives the collection a goth-like feel.

There were plenty of  lingerie-like dresses or skinny Bermuda shorts with sharp, usable outerwear.

Wang also procured a camouflage poppy motif, screened on an outsize sweatshirt for example. The collection is different and has a bite to it which works in this frosty season.

Yay or Nay to Wangs Gothic Collection?


vera-wang-pre-fall-2015-29 vera-wang-pre-fall-2015-28 vera-wang-pre-fall-2015-26

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